[VFIB] Collaboration of selected Call of Duty players. Est. 2016          XBOX ONE         


Constitution / By-Laws

Organized August 16, 2016
in the 
XBOX ONE Call of Duty Community


Owner / Founder

Section 1. Name

This organization shall be known as VFIB Clan

Section 2. Clan Tag and Identification

VFIB Clan will use the tag [VFIB] If members are to use a VFIB ID in front of their gamertag, it will be VFIB (space) name. Examples of a full Gamertag is: [VFIB] CREEEPY CLOWN -OR- VFIB CREEEPY

Section 3. Owner / Founder Oath

"I pledge my honor to uphold the Constitution & By-Laws of this clan"

Section 4. Jurisdiction

All members who have joined the VFIB Clan XBOX ONE club app and registered to www.vfibclan.com.

Section 5. Recruitment

Players interested in membership must submit a membership application. All members may recommend players for membership.

Section 6. Active Membership

Any member who has been invited and accepted under the jurisdiction of this clan is eligible for the status of active membership.

Section 7. Maintenance of Good Standing

Memberships in good standing with VFIB Clan include any person who fulfilled the requirement for active membership and has not voluntarily withdrawn from membership, become ineligible for continued membership, or been put on probation or expelled from membership.

Section 8. Affiliation with other organizations

Members are limited to what other organizations they are affiliated with. This is in place for security reasons and to protect our roster. Our roster is reviewed every few weeks. If a member is associated with a competing organization, that members will be contacted to discuss details. Members may not be affiliated with any other organization with the word "clan" in the title or is a direct competitor to VFIB Clan. 

Section 9. Misconduct and Penalties

Any member of VFIB Clan may be removed from active membership if charged, reviewed, and convicted of any of the following offences:  

  1. Vulgar, sexist, or racist behavior towards clan members or opposing players
  2. Voluntarily not maintaining membership to VFIB Clan XBOX Clubs app and website 
  3. Displaying an opposing clans tag or not displaying a VFIB tag during  game play
  4. Reporting a fellow clan member
  5. Poor attitude / speaking poorly about our clan without disclosing concerns towards a clan manager
  6. Poaching or intent to poach members with intent to recruit them to their own developing organization or another direct competitor of VFIB Clan
  7. General lack of participation
  8. Poor performance or no longer keeping to VFIB Clan minimum standards
  9. Releasing any private information from our clan to another organizations
  10. Joining another clan or direct competitor 

Section 10. Notification and Removal of Membership

A member may be put on a one month probation or have a simple meeting for minor offences.  Any member who is under review will be notified prior to removal with an explanation of grounds. 

Section 11. Roster Cleaning

Our roster will be cleaned in the months of December, February, April, June, and August . Inactive members will be removed from the roster. If a member returns, they must repeat the application process. All members must be aware of this cleaning understand it's to keep our roster up to date with active members.

Two months after a games release, members stats will be reviewed. This will ensure all of our members are keeping to clan minimum standards. Members who are unable to meet those minimums can be removed from our roster.

VFIB Clan - Collaboration of selected Call of Duty players.  Est. 2016