[VFIB] Collaboration of selected players. Est. 2016        XBOX ONE      eSports  

Fortnite Membership Application

VFIB Clan requires all recruites to have a minimum 100 Overall wins and a 1.70 KD.
minimum 10% win ratio and a 1.70 KD with 50 matches played in current season.

 If you do not have these minimums, please do not apply. Your application will not be accepted.

All recruites must have a Epic Games account. This is so we can confirm your stats. Open an account here: epicgames.com

Look up your Fortnite stats here: fortnitetracker.com
All recruites must be a minimum 17 years old.
  1. Submit a membership application
  2. Wait for a email response with instructions for trying out
  3. Once tried out, you will receive a email with our conclusion for membership
Thank you for contacting us. We will get back to you as soon as possible
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